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Online Maintenance Request

We pride ourselves on our maintenance staff and the quality of services that they provide. If you have a maintenance concern, please call (888) 213-9154 to report the problem. General maintenance repairs (non-emergency) will be performed during normal weekday business hours on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our goal is to provide our residents with speedy, efficient service on all requests, usually within 48 hours. From time to time; however, unexpected delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances (back-order on appliance part, emergency maintenance situations, etc.). We encourage any feedback that you may have regarding our maintenance services. Please feel free to contact the business office at (888) 213-9154 should you have any questions or comments.

We will also respond to an emergency maintenance call after 5:00 p.m. Please call (540) 344-1842 to report any emergency problems categorized in the following list:

  1. No electricity
  2. Plumbing problems including flowing water
  3. Loss of heat if outside temperature is below 60 degrees
  4. Air conditioning - only if medical condition or outside temperature is above 80 degrees
  5. Stopped up toilet; only if 1 bath in home
  6. Sewer backups
  7. Any leak
  8. No hot water
  9. Refrigerator failures
  10. Security problems - broken locks/doors/glass
  11. Noticeable gas smell (contact Roanoke Gas)
  12. Any electrical spark
  13. Lock out. There will be a $40.00 charge for a maintenance technician to respond to your call after hours. Be sure to have proper identification.

Roanoke Police (non-emergency) (540) 344-6681 - - All other emergencies, call 911

Maintenance Request Form

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